New CDEC project – Trusted Data Platform feasibility study

By | September 30, 2013

CDEC today announced their collaboration with the Big Innovation Centre on a feasibility study for a Trusted Data Accelerator.

The partnership will explore and investigate how to develop and roll out a trusted platform where organisations – such as SMEs, universities, public bodies and others – can share, combine and experiment with data in ways that safely address issues of privacy, security and intellectual property.

This development fits well with CDEC’s expressed intention to fostering solutions from new insights gained from platforms that integrate diverse data and content sources.    Their announcement covers a first feasibility stage, in line with their strategy of doing innovator projects in quick-start ways, designed to create things that are open to all innovators to make use of.

The announcement co-incides this month with the submission of bids for the ESRC’s call for a Network of Business and Local Government Data Research Centres.   These will deliver the infrastructure to support access to business and local government data, for the mutual benefit of researchers and data owners.

An obvious synergy exists here, between CDEC’s plans for a trusted platform for innovation and commercialisation and the Data Network’s scope of providing a trusted environment for research.    In the shared spaces of these two goals, we see a lot of scope for co-operation and mutual benefit.

Their next announced step is a two-day workshop, to be run next month, as a first step to explore the issues involved.