Identifying centres of cybersecurity research expertise – results to date

By | August 28, 2013
As part of our background research to help CDEC find expertise in areas key to its work, one of the first areas we reviewed was cybersecurity.

Where does expertise lie in cybersecurity research in the UK, but also internationally? We asked six cybersecurity researchers in the UK to indicate the locus of the most important contemporary work.

While we would not claim to have done a comprehensive study, we found a good deal of convergence through this reputational review of the field.

The top five sites that these experts identified (not in order of priority) were:

Other UK programmes that were mentioned, but not by multiple experts, were:

All of the above centres have been awarded Centre of Excellence status in cyber security research under the BIS/RCUK/EPSRC scheme. While they were not mentioned by our sample of experts, two other centres are among those awarded Centre of Excellence status in cybersecurity research: Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security, Newcastle University and the School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham.

In response to more international programmes, all of the nominations by our reviewers identified US programmes as the most significant, including:

We hope this list stimulates discussion about where relevant expertise on cyber security for the CDEC lies in the UK and abroad. This represents work in progress, and any feedback on our list to date would be very welcome. If there are centres omitted or where you wish to provide information about specific areas of strengths or contacts, please comment or email.

Thanks to our students Elizabeth Dubois, Gillian Bolsover and Heather Ford, who helped conduct, review and collate this research, and to the experts in the field for their supporting input in this area.

Bill Dutton and Bill Imlah